SmartBedz Universal Bedding and Litter

The perfect solution for multi pet households

Universal Bedding and Litter 10kg

SmartBedz Universal Bedding and Litter can be used on the cage or hutch floor for small pets, as a cat litter, or as a superior alternative litter for larger animals including ferrets, chickens and other fowl.  We are sure you will notice a significant difference from conventional litters the moment you start to use it! 

  • Ultra absorbent soft straw microfibre pellets
  • Highly efficient odour control
  • Super long lasting and cost effective
  • Gives your pet a clean, dry, organic environment
  • 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable
  • Suitable for use with many types of pets

rabbit sitting on SmartBedz Universal Small animals can spend a lot of their time sitting or lying on their bedding and litter so you need to provide one that has a very low dust content to avoid causing eye and nose irritations. Also, litter needs to be non-toxic and non-damaging to the digestive system in case it’s nibbled. Universal Bedding and Litter is all of these things and more.

Directions for use

Small pets
A 2-3 cm deep layer of SmartBedz will keep your cage clean, dry and smelling fresh for longer and is easy to use and store.  Spot clean damp corners and change completely when all the pellets have broken down. SmartBedz is also very effective as an absorbent under bed in addition to other nesting materials.

Chickens and other fowl
The super absorbent qualities of SmartBedz virtually eliminate the formation of ammonia providing a dry, long lasting and fresh smelling coop.  Cleaning out is easy, just scoop out solids and rake over regularly.  Change completely when it appears damp on the surface.  Used litter makes an excellent garden fertiliser.  The pellets are also suitable for chicks and when used in the nesting boxes will keep eggs and chickens noticeably cleaner.

Cats & Kittens
Used as a cat litter, SmartBedz is cost effective and suitable for both cats and kittens. It is thoroughly dust extracted and cleaner and healthier to use.  Sprinkle the litter 2-3cm deep in an unlined tray.  Remove solids daily using a large holed scoop and top up as necessary.  You will only need to empty the tray completely when all the pellets have crumbled.  SmartBedz doesn’t track, and if spilled it is unlikely to damage wood or laminate floors.

Other Pets
Because SmartBedz is 100% natural, it is suitable for a wide variety of pets – a layer on the floor of bird cages eliminates odours, use it as a substrate (underneath sand) in reptile cages to give your pets a healthier environment or treat your tortoise to a dry clean and odour free home by adding SmartBedz to the floor.

Guinea pig sitting on Smartbedz Universal

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Here is a video showing how to use SmartBedz litter for rabbits 

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