SmartKitz Treatball

Clever, lightweight and environmentally friendly

SmartKitz Treatball A unique, lightweight way to entertain your small pets as you give them food treats.  Especially good for rabbits, kittens, chinchillas, rats, even parrots.  Remarkably easy to build from the flat pack, the treatball has a diameter of about 15cms.  As it is made entirely from cardboard, it is light and easy for pets to pick up and throw around.  The clever design of the ball means it stays together well and provides a new and exciting way for your small pets to have fun finding treats or food that drop out of the hole in the box in the middle when the treatball is rolled in a particular direction

Easy to build.

A good way to help your pet gain exercise.

Different sized holes to pop out for different sized treats

Suitable for puppies, rabbits, cats, kittens, rats and other playful pets

Non toxic and safe to chew

sasha loved playing with the treatball  

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