Burgess Excel Bedding and Litter

Especially for small furry pets

One bag of Excel Bedding and Litter

We've teamed up with Burgess to bring you Excel Bedding and Litter for small furry pets.  Excel has special qualities making it perfect for your small furry pets.  With added natural external parasite control, Excel Bedding and Litter gives your pet the very best in hutch luxury, and keeps your pet happy and healthy.  

Summary of Benefits of using Excel Bedding and Litter 

  • Lasts much longer than traditional litters
  • Helps prevent fly, mite and flea infestation with added natural parasite control
  • Super absorbent - up to 400%
  • Super odour binding
  • Low allergy dust extracted formulation
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to lay and keep clean
  • Reduces time spent cleaning out
  • Stops hutches rotting and smelling
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Directions for use
Place a 1-3cm layer of Excel Bedding and Litter pellets in the cage, thicker layers in toilet and sleeping areas.
Remove soiled pellets regularly and replenish as required. 
Empty and clean out when necessary. 
Small furrys also need soft nesting material on top of Excel Bedding and Litter, such as hay.

Excel Bedding and Litter breaks down much faster than alternative litters based on wood shavings or straw. This means it can be turned into fertiliser, compost or mulch relatively quickly for use in gardens or allotments.

 Digby enjoying nice clean Excel Bedding and Litter
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