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Eticat bag  A small pile of Eticat pellets

Smartbedz Eticat is a unique, non clumping, natural cat litter made entirely from straw.  The compressed straw fibres are soft under paw, 100% pure, have a lovely natural smell and unbeatable absorbency. This makes them kind to your pet and healthier for you and the environment.

Unbeatable odour control

  • Faster absorption stops litter tray smells
  • Can absorb double its volume in ten minutes
  • Doesn't stick to the tray

More economical to use

  • Absorbs 4x its weight in total
  • Stays dry longer
  • Use less litter per tray fill
  • Less frequent complete tray changes
  • One 5.5kg bag can last a single cat up to 8 weeks

More enviromentally friendly

  • Made from an annually renewable and sustainable resource
  • Faster to bio degrade
  • No additives
  • Dust extracted
  • Easy natural disposal

cat on litter tray with Eticat

Eticat responsibly addresses many of the environmental and health issues surrounding traditional litter products. Our research also shows that a 5.5kg bag of Eticat is equivalent to using approximately 35-40kg of an economy brand of cat litter when used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.Eticat is comprehensively dust extracted and heat treated during manufacture and as such should be suitable for pets and owners who suffer from allergies.Should any Eticat cat litter be spilled outside the tray the litter is soft and unlikely to damage wood or laminate floors making this product ideal for modern living.

Directions for use
Sprinkle 1-3 cm layer of Eticat in an unlined tray. Remove solids daily using a litter scoop (one with 10 - 12mm holes is ideal) and top up as necessary. Completely empty and clean the tray every 7 to 10 days or when considered necessary. Only the solids and worst of the wet patches need to be scooped out and replenished on a regular basis which means that Eticat is cost effective to use. No need to worry about smaller damp areas which will dry out naturally and still suppress odours

Some cats need time to get used to the feel of a new litter. When introducing Eticat for the first time cover with a thin layer of your previous litter, phasing this out over two or three tray changes.

Disposal and care
The bag and its contents are 100% recyclable. Used litter can be composted, flushed away in small quantities or disposed of in your green waste or general waste bin in compliance with local regulations.

Note: Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid contact with used cat litter.

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"We have a young cat that lives indoors in our small open plan flat so odour control and economy have always been huge issues for us. We have tried a lot of different types of litter trying to find something suitable and thought we would give Eticat a whirl. The results have been fantastic! Instead of using 2 bags a month of traditional cat litter and having to change it twice a week due to the odour, we now only use one bag of Eticat every 6-8 weeks because it is so absorbent. This is saving a lot of money and we can honstly say we don't even know there is a litter tray in the room because there is no smell. We like the fact that it is just made from straw and has nothing else added which is more environmentally friendly. When it comes to cleaning it doesn't stick and simply brushes out of the tray. I would highly recommend SmartBedz Eticat - there's nothing else like it on the market."
Mathew Schollar and Ruth Nicoll

"Just to say I am so pleased with the way that SmartBedz cat litter has performed. Since changing over I have noticed a marked difference in the amount of dust that is produced when I clean out the litter tray, in fact it has gone down to zero! As someone who suffers from hayfever this is great news. The other major difference I have found is that hardly any of the litter travels outside the tray on my cats paws as it did with the wood based medium I was using and it is so easy to remove the soiled litter as it forms a nice solid lump. All this plus the odour absorbing qualities and its sustainability makes it the best litter I have tried and I shall certainly be using it from now on. Well done."
Sylvia Symonds

"We have been cat owners for the last twenty three years and currently have four that require a great deal of litter for, as they are predominantly house cats.  During this time we have obviously used various types of litter and had varying results.  We are extremely pleased with your variety. It clumped well for ease of use and any odour was quickly absorbed keeping smells at bay, which we find particularly important. Also, because the lumps were of proportionate size the cats managed to keep the majority of the litter inside the tray! All four cats seemed to take to the litter well.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this to family and friends in the future as we were really impressed with it."
Mrs S Flory

"When I first tried Smartbedz I was a little sceptical, pellets & 2 month old kittens! Probably equals mess I thought. Now, having tried out Smartbedz I am amazed at how easy to use and cost effective this product is.  The kittens took to Smartbedz like ducks to water and SmartBedz lasts longer than anything else we have tried in the past especially the clay granules. Now I have been using Smartbedz for over 4 months we have found Smartbedz lasts our two cats over a week before we need to change the tray, beating the other products we have used by several days. We find that a bag of Smartbedz last at least twice as long as a bag of the other litters we have tried.

The absorbency is incredible, no odour at all, except when you change the tray. The other advantage is that Smartbedz does not scratch my laminated flooring - I have experienced this with the granule products and it is most annoying.  When the kittens are busy in the tray, very rarely do any of the pellets fly out of the tray and if the odd one does it is easy to clear up. Smartbedz has proved to be a great all round product for all my pets - eco friendly, cost effective, odour free and almost mess-less. I will be recommending it to my friends."
Iain Norman

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